Free all demonstrators now! Stop the repression!

 NPA, November 29th at 6 PM, Paris

The government announced 289 people arrested and 174  put in custody. Regarding the NPA, we know that several dozens of our members were arrested, while they were attempting to demonstrate peacefully on République Square. It is also the case of members of Ensemble, Alternative Libertaire, Solidaires... Most of them are in the police precinct of Bobigny (near Paris), with about a hundred other demonstrators.

Several activists seem to be in custody, wothout our knowing where or why.

The gathering was literally attacked by the police, to the point where hundreds of demonstrators, beaten or teargassed, had to seek refuge in the adjoining streets. The government denounced "inacceptable violence" from the demonstrators. This lie is shameful.

The NPA commends the success of the demonstrations in many towns. The NPA denounces the special measures implmented, in particular in Paris, where the whole city will be locked down, supposedly to protect the leaders invited to the talks of the COP 21, the leaders who bleed and pollute the world.

We demand the immediate release of the demonstrators and that no one be charged.