Uprisings are forever! 45 years after...

The “end” of the memorandums and the continuation of the policies linked with them marks this year’s celebrations for the Polytechnic revolt. The SYRIZA-ANEL government begins its electoral campaign with false promises to the workers, but at the same time makes true promises of stability and profit to the bosses. New Democracy in a crescendo of nationalism and neoliberal promises goes after the government in the upcoming elections, trying to win back the support of the bourgeoisie, with privatizations, cutting down working rights and by imposing the dogma of “law and order”.
This is a year of continuous elections. The working movement must come to the forefront and must not wait for the implementation of the pro-electoral promises. It must leave behind the awkwardness the SYRIZA government brought, reorganize and fight back. 
We already have the first encouraging signs. The students demos against the new government law for schools, the angry demos for the racist murder of Jackque Kostopoulos,  the return of the general students assemblies and occupations in universities, and the insisting workers strikes in spite of the shameless sabotage imposed by GSEE. It's time for the workers movement to strike back, realizing that inside parliament, both the government and the opposition are enemies, since they are fighting for the interests of the bourgeoisie. 

On the 17th of November we pay tribute not only to the struggle that took place 45 years ago but also to today's struggles. We pay tribute to the enduring stance of the workers and the youth. We take lessons of self-organization against bureaucracy and the disruptive role of reformist left. We are inspired by the dynamic struggles against dictatorship. imperialists, the informers and every kind of supporter of this rotten political system. We continue our struggles against today's government, which supposedly honors the antifascist, antimperialist, anti oppression message of Polytechnic revolt and defends “democracy” against the far right, while the same time pays tribute to a fascist provocateur, sends the special police forces to occupy places all over the country, is designing new bases for NATO. We honor the struggles of our class by keeping Polytechnic school open collective,  with workers unions,  student unions,  schools,  the veteran militants,  youth,  political organizations. 

On the 17th of November we demonstrate in order to preserve the meaning of the revolt. We demonstrate still and demand bread-education freedom. We demonstrate against fascism and racism, to crush Golden Dawn and fascist thugs. We fight for rise in wages, workers rights, against union bureaucracy. We demonstrate for free and public education for all, without class barriers.  We demonstrate for freedom and for our right to be different, against petty-bourgeoisie and the doctrine of “order and safety”. We demonstrate for peace against war and nationalism, alongside our class brothers in Turkey, Macedonia, and Albania. We demonstrate against imperialist interventions and the expansion of NATO bases. We demonstrate demanding open borders for all, immigrants and refugees. We demonstrate alongside the wretched of the earth against the system that breeds injustice and oppression, against its local and international collaborators.