Free now all demonstrators in Paris

On Sunday 29th of November, French government repressed brutally the demonstration against COP-21 conference, about climate change. Governments’ answer was tens of arrested and beatings to 5000 demonstrators. The state of emergency, after the attacks of 13rd of November means nothing else but attack against the social fighters.  The presence of army and police in Paris is a fight of the French bourgeois state against the enemy within, in order to defend the interests of bourgeoisie.

As in Greece, so in France and across Europe repression is the only way the bourgeois and the governments to enforce their policies, in the same time the French state is leading the imperialist interventions. Our comrades of NPA have our full solidarity.

Free now all anti-COP 21demonstrators!

No tolerance to national unity!

No tolerance to emergency state!

No tolerance to state repression!

Against any imperialist intervention! Out all the imperialist armies from Middle East! 

Athens 29th November


OKDE-Spartakos (greek section of Fourth Internatinal)